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Welcome to Hiddentreasurez.com.  The purpose of this site is to help awaken your inner creative side.  I will use this website to share with you my creative ideas on a variety of topics that I call my "passions".     Check out the different sections covering Tablescapes, Party Planning, Hand Painted Custom Cards, Distressed Furniture, Decorating Ideas, Entertaining Tips and more.  The goal is to have fun in working with your passion and what makes you happy!!!!  

Hand Painted Cards

In this section I have included my custom painted cards. I started painting cards when I was a teenager. It was as simple and basic as a marker and or a crayon and a blank piece of paper. It was to become a great passion of mine. I work with paint pens and paint brush(when I'm feeling very ambitious), and will paint directly on to card stock. I then dry and seal with a shiny sealant . I think I would describe my card art as whimsy. I think my painting reflects what I'm focused on that day. I'm inspired by absolutely everything. One of my favorite ways to get inspiration is to go to bookstores that have older books . Take what you see and expand on it with your own approach. A painting tells a story.

Distressed Furniture

I'm your About section. Click to edit and tell your visitors more about your product. Where do you source your materials? How do you guarantee the quality of your furniture for your clients?

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This is my blog.  I will be sharing thoughts and ideas with you.